Absolutely! Simply pop the following in the 'Post-deploy hooks' field when creating or editing a project and edit the path to match yours:

cd /your/project/path/ && curl -sS http://getcomposer.org/installer | php && php composer.phar install

Unfortunately this feature is only available when using SSH.,,,

Most of the time this is due to misconfiguration of projects. The top Three causes of missed deployments or files not uploading correctly are:

1. Incorrect Path

The path is used to recursively deploy files to your server. In order to effectively do this the path needs to be from the root of the server. For most shared hosting platforms this will be one of the following but it obviously varies from host-to-host:

  • /public_html/path/to/project/
  • /var/www/path/to/project/
  • /home/username/webapps/path/to/project/

One thing that does stay consistent is the need for a preceding and trailing slash (/).

2. Incorrect FTP Usernames

When creating a secondary FTP account on some hosts you will be presenting with a username that might look a little like:


This is not what needs to be entered into FTPloy. Instead just enter the username before the @ sign.

3. Permissions

In order for FTPloy to be able to deploy correctly your directory will need to be set to chmod 755.

FTPloy queues all deployments in the order they come in. We do this to ensure all deployments are successful and that everything is fair.

If you think a deployment may be stuck or lost then please email support@ftploy.com

We're always open to hearing user's suggestions for features and we've also got a roadmap of features we're rolling out on a regular basis.

If you've got an idea for something that's not on the roadmap then drop us an email